Website Update: LAND

I have also added two pictures to the set LAND, and I'd like to comment them here.


Vertical and Horizon

When you drive along the Delta of river Ebro, you get used to the Horizon. Simply put, it is always there. After a while, you realize that only certain familiar references, like electric poles, help to determine the distance between places, and in which direction you are driving.



Somewhere in the middle of continental Greece, there's this castle on a tiny island, that is connected by a bridge to the coast. The city was built with the stones available in that area, and therefore, the island and the houses have the exact same color. But when the sun goes down (behind the city, in this picture), you can see the skyline of the half-demolished fortress and, on the background, the coast and the hills.

Website Update: CITY

I just updated my (brand new) website with a few new pictures that I'd like give a short explanation about.

Oh! And this is the first blog post on my new Blog!


I took this picture in Los Angeles a few years ago. I have been thinking of going through the pictures I took on trip I took on the (my) rise of digital photography.

Torres Blancas

I once stayed in a hotel, in Madrid, one block away from this building. As an apartment building, it has become an icon of a certain period of spanish architecture. And turns out it is located on the crossroad of the first traffic light you'll find as you enter Madrid from the airport. So everybody sees it, but few people look at it! During my stay in that hotel, I took a little walk around so I could observe all of it façades: no need to say the building offers more than "best points of views".


Hong Kong side street

Hong Kong offers a really big number of different facets. One street is the most nice, neat, hype. You turn around the corner and it's a whole new world. And, in certain areas of town, nobody seems to buy façade paint whereas on other nearby areas, people seem to go crazy about it!!!


A Window and Milan

Milan is not a place in which you enjoy being out on the street, mainly because of the weather. On the other hand, turns out that it has many many interesting interior spaces and places, that are usually occupied and open to the public during the some of the numerous events that take place in the city (like fashion shows and furniture fairs).

On the technical side, the three first pictures are digital shots, while the last one is B&W film.

On the personal side, I have no problem with mixing film and digital. And that is probably because I am getting comfortable enough with my new ultra-simplistic post-processing workflow. Happy!