While in New York City, I had the chance to shoot a short film.


It describes the crazyness of Times Square, as compared to the order-within-chaos of its sorroundings.


Music by Massive Attack.

Technicalities: my x100 was suffering from "sticky aperture" (know malfunction of the lens of this specific camera model), and Fujifilm would not guarantee that it would be repaired by the time I left to NY, so I had to take a "ill" camera with me. By coincidence I realised that unconsistent expositions would not have any effect on film mode, so I decided to shoot a movie. Other gear used: one eye (the left one), both hands and feet and torso (panning and shifting).

While in NYC, I also shot some pictures.



New York is the paradigm of The Metropolis. It doesn't matter how much time has passed since you last visited the city. It doesn't matter where you come from, what religion, color or sexual orientation. It doesn't matter what age you are. It doesn't matter if you are there for business or pleasure, or because you were born there. It is even indifferent to what mood you are in.

Either you love the place, or you hate it. Period.

If you hate it, just move along. The world is full of great places.

If (by mistake, by coincidence, by luck) you happen to love it, then you are done. You will wish you were a Newyorkian for the rest of your life.

I belong to the latter group. Period.


Question: What is it? Is it the sound? Is it the smell? Is it the energy? Is it the complexity, the juxtaposition, the contradiction, the contrast? What ON EARTH makes this place so unique and fascinating? What is it???

Answer: I have no clue, but once it gets in you body, it moves in for good, and lives somewhere between your bone-marrow and your eye-sockets and your guts and your imagination. And it stays forever.


While in NYC, I also shot a short film.




I once won the first price of a photo contest. Our Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya organized it first Digital Photography Contest for Architects sometime around year 2004. Subject: Architecture (really???!!!)

A short time before, around 2003, we travelled to L.A. to visit my friend Peclar.

When we arrived in the airport I was worn out, after a 14 hour flight from London, and a previous flight from Barcelona. Peclar was taking care of suitcases and car trunks. I looked up and there it was. The picture was there, waiting to be taken.

LAX Tower / The Bird

LAX Tower / The Bird

For those who have never visited L.A., there is a 3-legged-spider Calatrava-looking (though it was not designed by him) building, right on LAX International Airport, known as LAX Tower. Although many people believe it has some relationship with airplanes, it is actually a restaurant.

The picture is heavily based on composition and crop. The building structure is made of some kind of white concrete or enameled iron. The subtle contrast between the lit / unlit surface, and the blue California sky makes the picture look like its actually a watercolor painting.

The contest was sponsored by a really big Japanese hardware company. I as a first price, I got a laptop. I had gotten myself a laptop of the same brand (by coincidence) only three months before, so I sold it and I bought the first half of my "girlfriend".

My girlfriend, of whom my wife knows absolutely everything, is my beloved LEICA M6. She is more than a camera. She is (or I should say, was, since film labs have become a luxury I cannot afford) the closest I have had to a sixth finger on my right hand, or a third eye stuck on a piece of metal. She made me grow up photographically like nothing else in this world. For a long long time, I only used black and white film in it, and she made me learn how to see in black and white. Photographically, I am what/who I am, in a big percentage, because of her. It took me some six months to save the money for a Sumicron 35mm lens, and that's all I used and all I needed for a long long time.

We were a happy couple of three.