Hi Welcome to my blog.

On this blog I will mainly write about photography. That's the only rule. Pictures.

All the rest is open.

Some posts will be written in English.

Algunes entrades seran en Català.

Otras entradas seran en Castellano.

You all know about / Tots coneixeu / Todos habeis oido hablar de http://translate.google.com/

These are my plans. Plans are Plans; Reality is Reality; as we say over here "Una Cosa es una Cosa, y Otra Cosa es Otra Cosa". Plans don't always happen simultaneously, or in the right order:

  1. One post per week. (unless something really good or really bad, worth mentioning, happens).
  2. One (mmm.... or maybe more than just one) picture per post; could be mine, could be someone else's (with his/her permission, credits and back-link to their site).
  3. A video every now and then...
  4. Lots of creative comments, few technical ones. Yes, pictures are taken with cameras, but this site is not about them. I might describe interaction with a specific machine (how it handles, how it works), but no pixel-peeping.
  5. Two years ago I finished my Project "365 Days of Phone.tography" (taking and editing one picture a day, for one year my phone, and sending it directly to my Twitter and Facebook accounts). Some people said they missed it! And that is something that still amazes me! I guess that what they miss is the habit of checking out the daily pic, not the picture itself. I am planning to pick it up here again, but with slightly different rules! But I will leave that for a later post...
  6. ... and many more things to come.
  7. All comments are welcome, as long as you do not use sore words, insults et al.

Question: So where's today's picture?

Answer: See next post!